Beautiful new personal journal app in Windows Store

I just came across this app (via It's the most beautiful Windows app I've seen in a long time - both aesthetically and conceptually.

It's a simple personal journal that lets you write daily posts, basically a diary. The app offers simple personal questions as inspirational starting points for your entries. You can tag your entries, and browse earlier posts in a calendar. The purpose of Writr is to serve as a tool for reflection and self-analysis.

There are several things I like about this app. It's one of very few apps that are not about media consumption, information, communication or productivity, but about personal growth. I believe that modern technology has the potential of providing very useful tools for personal growth - both in a psychotherapeutical and cultural sense - and I'm a little disappointed that there are very few good apps in that category. Whereas most of the popular apps are about killing time, this one is actually about you and about development. Besides that, Writr is very well designed, following all of Metro's original principles of fluidity and simplicity.

How do you like it? Do you know any other nice apps in that category?