This is OUR next podcast, a podcast by the people, for the people.

This is OUR next podcast. A podcast set up, recorded, edited, and given to the world by us, the fans of this website we care about for some reason.

While The Vergecast is on hiatus, I began to think of another podcast I could listen to get my mix of tech news, stupid jokes, and happy times. There isn't one. So I decided why not make one.

So this is our this podcast, which does not have a name yet, came to be. With talking with other members of the forums, we decided to go full steam ahead on it. We are open to listening to ideas of what YOU want to hear us talk about, how YOU think the show should run.

We also need people. People who can carry a conversation, laugh at each others jokes, and just provide a great show for others on the site to enjoy.

I'm open to listening to all feedback here. I think what can make this is a success is if we give everyone what they want (reasonably). We can't replace The Vergecast, but we help fill the hole in your hearts while the wonderful people who work on that figure out what to do next.

This is our next podcast, what do you want from it?

*in no way affiliated with The Verge. This is simply a fan looking for fans for a fan podcast.