Best MILC for both photography & videography

Hi everyone,

I'm looking for advice regarding a mirrorless camera that (of course) is good at photography, but similarly also at shooting videos. I'm planning to buy this as a gift for my girlfriend, who is a producer and wants to shoot short films independently in her spare time. She is also looking for a rather compact but decent photo camera.

Currently, she has an old Nikon D60 (with kit lens only) and she virtually never uses it because it's too bulky for her. I myself own a Sony Alpha and a couple of lenses, that's why I instinctively tend to recommend her a Sony camera, but I am open for other options as well, just not very sure what to consider. We went to a Sony store and I showed her all the new cameras (she couldn't believe the A7 I handed to her had the same sensor size than a 5D), of all she liked the a6000 by far the best (ouch, my wallet).

Now, since I already kinda know the a6000 is a very good camera in terms of photography, and I could buy an A-mount adapter even for phase-contrast, I was wondering if this camera is particularly good/versatile or the opposite in terms of video. I tried googling but didn't really come up with anything that was a proper up-tp-date video comparison of mirrorless cameras.

I'm aware of the typical 30 minutes limit, it doesn't really matter as she won't shoot continously close to that. But what about OIS, general video quality (compression, bitrate, whatnot), handling (I read that motorized zooms are supposedly good?). Any input or feedback is appreciated.