Are you willing to give up "more" for "better"?

I had an interesting lecture earlier this week where the discussion about the history of the environmental movement, as a broad spectrum of demonstration, that eventually turned into a discussion about how we use technology, perceive technology, and ultimately purchase technology incrementally.

It's no doubt that over the years technology has become significantly more difficult to repair, even just 10 years ago those big computer towers and chunky laptops had recognizable RAM cards, noisy HDDs, Wifi cards, expansion cards, and etc., of which all were fairly easily removed and replaced with a new part. This is a point my professor made and moved on to talk about these components now being soldered onto the logic board, and thus not replaceable by the end user, and if you're out of warranty you likely won't be able to afford to replace the logic board.

Anyways, I'm not going to argue about the environmental movement, however I would like to ask something here that we were asked in that lecture: If you were given the choice, would you sacrifice pixel density, processing power, thinness, or weight for a more environmentally-friendly, future-proof, and "better" phone? Or would you prefer to continue incrementally buying phones as they're released on a yearly cycle?

My personal answer to this is yes, I believe I would be in favour of sacrificing some minor comforts for a more long-term mobile device. It's not that I want every phone to look and perform like the 3G or original Nexus device, but I believe that a phone similiar to the iPhone could be made "better" in a sense.

Any ideas how this could be done? Is there anything you would or wouldn't sacrifice?