Steal of the Week - £50 off Toshiba Chromebook (Amazon UK) £199

Note to Mods - This is not spam I'm a regular poster and this is a direct (not affiliate) link to Amazon, but please feel free to delete the link anyway!

So I've been umming and arghing over which chromebook to plump for, the HP 14 or the Toshiba 13.3 inch. Both use the haswell based processor, the HP has 4gb of ram but is a little heavy, the Toshiba has 2gb but is generally considered 'the' Chromebook to go for at the moment. Both are £249.

You probably know that Chromebooks don't get reduced really and are the same price across the board, well today the Toshiba popped up red hot on Hot UK Deals (UK readers will know this site...again I'm not spamming here!) and made my mind up for me.

Amazon have slashed the price by £50 to £199. This thing is a total steal at this price and I've no idea how long it will last. I know the verge gets a ton of UK readers so hopefully this post will help somebody!