Constantly I notice people complaining that "Android" has problems, because their Galaxy device is buggy, or because their bloated, branded, skinned wal mart phone is laggy.

Look, Android isn't flawless (neither is iOS), but the reason your Wal Mart phone's keyboard lags isn't because "Android" has a keyboard lag problem. And the stuttery multitasking experience on your Galaxy device isn't because "Android" has stuttering problems. If you want to see how stuttery Android is, then check out Google's vision of it with stock (read: Google Experience) Android on Nexus devices, in the same way that you'd judge iOS not based on some random unofficial hardware running modified iOS, but by using an actual Apple iDevice running stock iOS. Because after all, maybe stock Android on stock hardware had keyboard lag or stuttering issues in the past that were worse than iOS devices of the same generation. Heck, maybe it still does. But your experience with modified software on unofficial hardware isn't any evidence — and it's muddying the waters.

This is especially important with people comparing non-Nexus devices to iPhones and the proclaiming that they've found evidence of "Android" lag compared to how refined stock iOS is on official hardware.

And one final point, I'm quite tired and drained at the time of writing this, so blame my poor literary judgment on that.