Where does this leave 4 inch screens?

So there's all this talk about Apple making a larger iphone, some rumors, and probably some truth to it. I switched from a gs3 to a 5s because i wanted a smaller phone. I absolutely hated having a 2 handed phone, and not being able to reach both sides of the phone with one hand. So i have two questions

1. If apple does make a larger phone, do you think they'll abandon the 4 inch form factor completely?

2. If not, will Apple make the larger phone a flagship in the way samsung does, and then the smaller phone, doesn't run as nice? Doesn't get all the new features of that generation? Have a slower processor or less RAM (provided apple add more than 1Gb this year)? Or will they make the 2 equal in everything aside from screen size?

I'm really hoping it's just a screen size change. I'd be really bummed if they made the smaller iphone like the 5c, and by that i mean its a new phone but it didn't get the new processor and the dual led flash, and touch id. I'd feel forced to get a larger phone to get the newer features even though i don't want a large phone.

That being said, If they made the smaller one plastic (5c style) and gave it all the same features, like those i mentioned above I'd be happy. I actually think the 5c feels nicer in hand than the 5s.