The Verge are lying to us

If you're the type to read forum posts in the Meta section, you're just as disappointed as I am about the ending of the Vergecast and Verge Mobile Show. Seriously, I love those podcasts, I enjoy when they pop up on my podcast app, and it makes my commutes more bearable.

Josh gave a vague reason for stopping the 'casts. To paraphrase, he said something like - We've been doing the podcast thing for years, which is basically a few people sitting around and talking. We think we can do more, something better. - He throws out an example of having the video team do more things off site. He also brought up his newly minted fatherhood requiring more of his time, which is obviously valid.

The premise here, though, is that their podcasting is taking up too much time, money and/or effort, which is preventing them from doing other, newer and cooler things.

This is bullshit. The Verge Mobile show operates very well by using Google Hangouts or Skype or Live stream. Yes, Evan Rodgers takes forever to upload the podcast sometimes, but I've seen instantaneous Youtube replays available as well. I don't know anything about the studio the Vergecast records in, but I can't imagine it's some unbelievably extravagant production. In terms of time, they talk for maybe 2 hours tops, usually less.

And don't tell me Josh's participation is critical to the Vergecast. There've been many without him that were great, and I thought the recent one with Katie Drummond and TC Sottek was outstanding. Sure, Josh was there and that helped make it good, but there are others who can fill his shoes.

Which leads me to my point - there's something going on at the Verge, and they're not saying what. Nilay's doing other things, Josh's rarely around anymore. Chris Ziegler moved to New York? Hmm.

Perhaps Chris is getting ready to be the next editor in chief. Wild speculation here, but couldn't you see it?

Is the Verge in financial trouble? Seems farfetched. Their Samsung ad revenue's gotta be decent.

Still, no compelling arguments for these changes.

Finally, I think I speak for all of us when I say - We want the Vergecast and Verge Mobile Show! They're great. Please don't deprive us of them. But if you must, be honest about why. We're smart. We'll understand.

With love,