The Past and the Future

LTE is everywhere. And a decent internet connection is ubiquitous. We are connected to the online world 24/7.
In today's connected world, I suddenly realized that SD Card is a backward solution to one of the major complaints in iPhone.
Yes, it is still necessary to own an SD Card, but to put it inside a futuristic Galaxy phone is an archaic and not-thinking-outside-the box approach.
Apple started to remove the DVD-rom in its desktop and laptop because software downloading is super fast nowadays. It only takes more than minutes these days to eat gigabytes of file.
Just like the realization of people from yesterday that HDMI port in smartphone is a limited (it has normally short cable) way of entertaining them. That Apple TV is a forward thinking solution to HDMI wishes of yesteryears, I just hope that people today will realize that SD Card doesn't make your phone technologically advanced. An option yes, but not a step forward to following the steps Apple made against DVDs.
iCloud, Google Drive and other cloud storage solutions are the future happening today.