Only the tech companies can come out with smartwatches?

In my opinion, no. Or at least they should not. It would be a loss, if smartwatches would gain market at the expense of the wristwatch market. I don't think I would be alone with a feeling of missing the diversity of wristwatches, their style and craftsmanship. Honestly, I would not wear a thing on my wrist that is as uniformed as smartphones today (basically they are all blocks with a black rounded screen).

The solution might be very simple: the watchmakers should open to the market of smartwatches. If they do, they would be able to keep all of their traditional design and their subbrands. Meanwhile, the tech companies would also make profit, because only they could produce the components needed for manufacturing the watches. And at the end of the line, the consumers can enjoy the fruits of this symbiosis.

Here I have also visualized my concept:

Smartwatch Concept


Let me know your thoughts about my idea.