Anyone with a Nike FuelBand would Understand

I don't need a "Smart" watch from Apple. Give me a "Feature" watch from Apple.

Right now, in the world of smartwatches, we have "companion devices" which can be great and all, but I don't want a companion device on my wrist. I want the thing on my wrist to BE the device! Let me clear that up...

I own a Nike Fuelband. I love the unassuming look it has. Most people I run into do not know it is more than just a wristband until I check the time on it or the progress to my daily goal. It has one button. It has a lot of functionality with that one button. However, my dream is to shove 3g abilities along with Siri into it. There is no need to put in a 4g antenna since there will be no viewing of internet sites or videos/pictures. All you need is a bluetooth earpiece or headset and you can make and receive calls, texts, have siri alert you to upcoming events, timer, calculator...basically anything that you can do with siri now. After awhile the functionality could become greater, allowing for Siri to read to you trending news, or narrate and navigate through your emails.

I guess the smartphone isn't going away. I'm not saying it should. But there's a point where looking at a screen all day becomes sickening. Lately, I've heard of a few people (I work with one) who are giving up their smartphone for their old basic phone for lent. My coworker says that she looks at her smartphone too much and feels she is easily agitated by too many things happening in the social media outlets she subscribes to and she says her real-life relationships with people/friends have become less than what she remembers before the smartphone.

There continues to be a big push for smartphones in the U.S. and I was unaware of how many basic phones are still being produced in other markets. Some of them look really good too (#Nokia 515).

Perhaps it's my day job and this long winter that keeps me inside looking at either my smartphone, laptop, or TV instead of being outside that brings me to this. Not sure. But, maybe the future holds ways of interacting with social media and news updates and communication that involve less screen-time so we can enjoy the physical world around us...

Maybe the technology is not there yet for a "Siri-Fuelband" phone, but hopefully in the near future!