HTC can go die for all I care now!!!

Everyone and their mother complained about the top mounted power button on the HTC One and now I see that they are STILL doing the same thing with the successor. How can HTC possibly be so negligent about an issue that's an extremely important part of the user experience?

The worst part about this is that it is a conscious decision on the part of HTC, it is not a design limitation or a financial limitation or anything of that sort. The placement of the power button is completely in the hands of the OEM.

Don't tell me there are "workarounds" to it and all because I know that. Its just that a conscious decision like this over an issue that so many people and major websites complained over is downright stupidity or perhaps arrogance on the part of HTC. I don't think that the company is being run by intelligent people I don't know what else to say on such a thing.

I have always stressed how important the ease of unlocking/locking a smartphone is because that's one activity you will do more than anything else on your phone and it HAS to be something you are completely comfortable with.