Dumped WebOS for Android; Seeking Guidance.


My first smart phone was a Palm Pixi followed by an original Palm Pre.

I eventually had enough of what amounted to an antiquated business phone. WebOS as I originally loved it died a long time ago and by 2014 it was time to face facts.The TV integration LG has planned looks promising though so maybe I'll get an LG smart TV some time in the future. I still need a modern phone in the meanwhile.

Enter the Xperia Z1 (C6903)
Maybe I'll write a personal review for it later, but ultimately all you really need to know for this post is that the UI was given a light but tasteful overhaul and that the C6903 is the international variant of the Z1 so there is no carrier bloat nor are there any carrier blocked functions like Hotspot, which is a relief since I'm so used to the Free-Tether homebrew app on webOS. Overall, I'm thrilled with this phone.

So, what are some cool things I can do with this baby now that I'm not limited to a shitty app store and low-end hardware? I was thinking of trying my hand at some geo-caching but don't know which app would be best for that (I don't mind paying for a good app obviously).

Also, while I don't mind mobile gaming, I take my games fairly seriously and happily carry around a PS Vita for its versatility and enormous library of high-quality games; I'll gladly throw down $20, $40, $50, or even $60 for a single high-quality portable game so most phone games don't do anything for me, and many of the few that do I can get a better version for the Vita so I'd really only want to see recommendations for games that are best played with a touch screen and aren't on Vita (something like the awesome World of Goo comes to mind as an example)

Of course productivity and added functionality apps are always welcome, but I'm pretty much set for media apps since the bundled software is pretty awesome in my opinion.

So, any suggestions?