WANTED ASAP: a crazy cohost for a fan podcast segment :-)

Hi everyone :-) I'm nearly finished the pilot episode of a Verge fan podcast, and I would love your help for one last cohost segment. I've recorded two parts with different Verge commenters, now we just need one more guest to really polish the episode out. Would you like to join in? :-)

I've worked on everything, album art ready to go, here's an obfuscated version of the final cover ;-)


I am looking for someone willing to meet me on Skype after 4pm Auckland (New Zealand) time one day. That's 8pm West Coast US time, 4am UK time. I'm quite willing to stay up till midnight my time (midday UK), or at worst, wait until next weekend so our timezones can best match (eg Saturday night 8pm UK time is my Sunday morning 8am) Ideally, I would like to finish this pilot episode ASAP, in the next couple of days.

We'll talk for ten minutes or so to discuss the two topics you'd like to use, and then record a 10-15 minute long segment together.

You can see an easy timezone chart here, which will show you my New Zealand timezone (Auckland), along with West Coast USA and UK time.


I'm looking for someone zany, interesting, upbeat and fun, to talk about two topics of their choosing. This will be the last cohost segment for the pilot episode, let's make something great together :-)

Ideally, I'd like to focus on something philosophical, debatable and thought provoking. What are your views for (insert company here) looking forward? Nokia on Android, whaddaya think? (I've got a Nokia N9 running Android 4.1 Jellybean on my desk as we speak, I'd love to duke it out respectfully with a diehard Anti-Nokia-Android person!) Wearables, are they going somewhere? Paul, the US Military Industrial Complex, The Vergecast, the Blackberry Playbook - you choose!

If you're interested in making Verge Forum history (prestigious alright!), please send me an email: my username@gmail.com. Let me know your Verge account name, your timezone/what time would work for you, if you have a decent USB microphone and the two Verge related topics dearest to your heart :-) I'll pick the most interesting proposal, let's do this! :-)