App help! Going from Windows to iPad...

Hi guys!

Despite my somewhat system partial name, I have used a couple of platforms over the past few years. Started off with an Android phone, moved to a Windows Phone, and now I have a newish iPad 4.

Since I got the thingo there have been two types of apps I've been after; those being an RSS reader and a journal app.

From my protracted searching a few names have come up, but the reviews are at least 6 months old. In the app world, an app can go from good to shit in well under six months.

For journaling, Day One seems to get the most mentions. For RSS, it's Reeder 2 and Mr Reader.

I was wondering if anyone who is using these apps (or a good alternative) could provide some feedback on whether the apps are still both good, and if not, which one they prefer to use instead.

As a secondary question, this iPad is also replacing a shitty laptop for university stuff. Any good apps in that regard? I'm already using OneNote for note taking things, but it would be good to get some timetable or scheduling apps.

Thanks for reading :-)