Interesting little nuggets from the Build 2014 session list

Bits I've found from reading the sessions lists which can be found here

On the new notifications back end

Windows and Windows Phone have a converged notification platform and development model starting in Windows Phone 8.1. Come learn what the converged platform means for your existing apps and how to take advantage of the new platform and great new features shared with Windows. You’ll learn about WNS including push and local notifications and about the brand new Action Center and its associated programming model. This session in conjunction with the Live Tiles session will give you everything you need to know about notifications for Windows Phone and Windows Store apps.

"converged notification platform and development model"

Oooo :)

On the new background tasks model

A converged Triggers and Background Tasks implementation allows tasks to launch on time, location, push, Bluetooth and system events.

Bolded bits seem to be new, geolocation notifications me thinks?

On Contracts (yay!)

With Windows Phone 8.1 we're bringing many of the Windows APIs that allow apps to talk to each other to the Phone! Your apps now have the ability to share photos, text, links and pretty much anything you want to built-in apps like Mail or Messaging and social networks like Facebook or Twitter. You can also open and save files to the SD card, Phone storage and OneDrive or other cloud storage services. These are just some of the things enabled by the new contracts in Windows Phone 8.1

Contracts are awesome, hopefully it'll be as good as the Win 8.1 model

New app studio that creates Win Phone and Windows 8 apps

Attendees will be given an early preview of and access code to Windows App Studio, the new release of Windows Phone App Studio Beta, which will now support the creation of both Windows Phone and Windows Apps. Learn about the tool and take it for a spin yourself.

On data management and syncing across devices

There are very few applications that do not need to interact with data in some way. Whether you’re a game developer simply looking to track high scores or an enterprise developer who needs the ability to store, retrieve and manipulate large amounts of information in your line-of-business app, successfully managing data is critical to your success. In this session, Sean will cover how your app can store its own data and interact with user data stores like photos and music using Windows Runtime APIs. He will also discuss how you can use roaming to keep data in sync across multiple Windows devices. Finally, he will talk about the new backup and restore features coming to Windows Phone and how your app can participate.

Finally expanding what Wallet can do

This talk is especially for you if your business has membership cards, coupons, tickets or deals. We’ll be talking about new features for the Wallet that make it easy to get your content onto Windows Phone, even if you don’t have an app. There are new branding opportunities, support for relevant card alerts at the right time and place as well as ability to keep the card current through updates from the cloud. There is an end-to-end experience around travel, from buying a ticket, to checking-in, to getting the boarding pass. Wallet has added cross-platform capabilities such as support for iOS Passes and travel-specific actions in Gmail. There is a new tool you can use to create wallet cards quickly. Come see how you can use our lightweight platform to engage your customers on the next release of Windows Phone. Note: NFC functionality has been decoupled so that apps can now support NFC payments inside their own experiences. It will not be covered in this talk.

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