The episodic game fiasco - Ken Levine and Why it doesn't work.

I've been an old school gamer for a while. My focus nowadays is on shooters and/or adventure storytelling. I love the Bioshock series and HL series the most because they are smart and very immersive, and it's so well done.
Yesterday i finished the Burial At Sea EP2.
Without much spoilers i can say that the game is much more cutscenes/story than gameplay itself.
The gameplay is boring and unlike the older episodes and it's irritating because you have to be in stealth mode 85% of the time.
I know it's hard to compare here, but i will do it anyway.
Half Life franchise tried to do the same. At the time, reviews criticized (i like Yatzee he's fun) the episodic gaming structure and it wasn't successfull either.
For some reason Valve stopped the game and HL2EP3 became the biggest vaporware joke in the gaming industry (after the Duke Nukem Forever) and that thrilling story has no end in sight.
One can say that it's better to have an ending in a story than no ending at all. HL franchise has no ending whatsoever. We still don't know what happens after that part when Alyx, sobbing, clutches her father's body.
And the thing is that HL2EP2 had a great deal of gameplay and storytelling in the way that the gamer already identified itself with, and it was fun...
My point is: BaS EP2 sounded to me like a game that was rushed into release (for some unknown reason) because people already signed up for it. And after that, Ken Levine said "ok i'm leaving the premises and closing the slum, finish this crap asap so i can say thanks and goodbye!".
Sounds like Ken already decided to shut down before the BaS EP2. The reason? Don't know.
But i am pissed of about all of this.
Thank you for reading my rants. Have a great day.