From Apple (OSX / iOS) to Windows 8? Rethinking entire E-Life

Hey guys,

I'm currently using a very basic setup consisting of the Macbook Air 13" (Haswell) and the old iPad Mini 32gb (LTE).

The MBA I like quite a lot, mostly due to the wonderful, wonderful OS and the absolutely lovely peripherals. The mouse took some tweaking to be work as I want it to, but the bluetooth keyboard is by far my favourite peripheral ever.

The iPad I'm not too excited about, to be honest. The hardware is absolutely perfect, but iOS is the shittiest piece of software I ever had the misfortune to work with. It's annoyingly restrictive, unpredictable and I don't understand how anyone could call it intuitive.

Here's where you guys come in:

Since I'm also in the market for a new phone, I figured I could re-invent my entire 'electronic lifestyle' and go with a Windows 8 desktop, a Surface 2 and Windows Phone for total integration, synchronisation etc.

What I'm unclear on is how different Windows 8-plattforms (8.1, RT, WP8) work together. What are the 'synergies' (I hate that I just used that word) betwixt them?

At any rate, I think I need some more horse-power and a much larger screen.

I just got accepted for a research job that involves a lot of 3d-modelling for cells of a meadow-lark's retina, which makes my neat little Macbook run a mile minute and takes a bit too long to render for my liking. I also want to play Diablo RoS when that comes out, which my Macbook struggles with. I hooked up a 21" screen to it for work, and that almost seems a bit too small.

Does that mean I have to part from OSX?

I know there's such a thing as a MacPro, but that's way over the top.
Then there's the iMac, but the first one that offers dedicated graphics (GT750 M) goes for 1,5k, which I find excessive, though the device itself looks absolutely sick. Despite the occasional Blizzard game I don't really play any more, but does that even suffice? Seems to be really entry-level mobile graphics...

Since for me, 'desk-neatness' is as important as performance, proper desktops or 'gaming towers' don't really work, and it would be a huge bonus to be able to pack my computer into my backpack for weekend-trips, so I'd love to use something like this:,3697-3.html

What do you guys think? I will consider anything but Non-Macbook / Non-Ultrabook laptops.

Thanks so much boners,