Interesting product placement on House of Cards Season 2


1) All the congressmen, senators use iMacs.

2) Claire uses a MacBook Air

3) Remy uses some sort of a Windows laptop (airport scene)

Cell Phones:

1) All the guy politicians use BlackBerries; Remy is the only one who uses a Z10, everyone else uses a Bold

2) Goodwin is the only guy I saw using an iPhone (with a hideous case)

3) All the women use iPhones, except Jackie Sharp who uses a Windows phone


I think I saw Frank use an iPad once. But I rarely see tablets on this show. (Correct me if I am wrong).

How true do you think is this of Washington? I can't believe the government uses anything but Windows computers, so the iMacs may be out of place. Cell phones are always a mix because it is such a personal choice, so I can see a mix of all kinds being used.