App Store Apps are of Amazing Quality

I am constantly being amazed by the quality of apps on the App Store. Especially photo and video apps, such as Fuzel and Rookie. Such great examples of free , feature-packed(IAP) and incredible UI design with an unbelievable attention to detail. Seriously, is there anything on Android that comes close to the quality and elegance of iPhone/iPad apps? With iOS 7 the functionality isn’t the main selling point anymore. It’s about how everything feels, and now all iOS 7 apps feel so good to use and now there is even greater consistency between apps. Apple has created an unrivalled ecosystem here.

The only thing is I could ask for is better inter-app or sharing APIs for developers. That would just seal the deal man. I mean, what more could you possibly ask for?

One thing I feel about Android apps that because developers have to develop for the lowest common denominators, the apps aren’t that much better than doing the same things in browsers. Advanced hardware and better specs are thus pretty much useless on Android devices in my opinion. iOS apps take full advantage of the hardware, and it’s evident in every aspect of the user experience. Even until now Apple is the only company that does software right (although iOS 7 should have been delayed and be squashed out of bugs and issues before the public release). I guess it’s a result of relentless focus and control for the benefit of the user, rather than allowing developers to do everything and then messing up the experience.

I am just so satisfied with my iOS experience (except for iOS 7 issues) because there are just so many great apps let me do just limitless things, and it gives me great confidence that there will be continuous streams of great apps constantly being made for MY device. iPhone/iPad are probably the best products anyone has ever created. I would say that its significance is still underrated. call me a fanboy; I am an extremely satisfied customer.