Help needed: What Microsoft/Nvidia has been thinkin for desktop use?

I have now a problem with Windows 8.

Have been suffering from using the Windows 8 since beta and used Nvidia card now for half a year (after 7 years of ATI/AMD cards) with a old monitor connected to computer via DVI.

Now I bought a new monitor and I can't stand what Windows 8/Nvidia is doing by default. I can't find the solution to problem with Bing (or Google).

The problem seems to be doing something with HDCP or Nvidia itself but I can't find setting to turn this off.

The problem is that what ever video I set playing, was it trough Windows Mediaplayer or video site in Internet Explorer or Google Chrome, the video gets oversharpened after few seconds the window including the video being active. And after few seconds the sharpening has been added, the surrounding colors around the video gets desaturated smoothly so in 10 or so seconds I have everything in grayscale except the video, what looks bad because sharpening is TERRIBLE! (Like 15 years old finding first time unsharp mask in image manipulation applications).

Okay, but that's not just it. It does affect as well on ANY GAME what has ANY video content. Meaning the games what developers have tought that it is fancy if the game menu background would include video (the game program actually plays the video from game files as background) and then whole game gets oversharpened too (or if the game program binary is same what plays the video intros in games, the same thing happens if I don't skip the videos in second or two after launching the game).

The only way to get effect disabled is to:

A) Move the active window where the video is running (activating other windows doesn't disable effect) until it again re-starts after few seconds.

B) Pause video (start again and effect gets applied).

And this means every full screen application (especially games!) has forced over sharpening and there is no way to get it disabled.

So what to do? Is it seriously so that Microsoft and Nvidia thought that it is cool thing to do by default these?