Journalism Ethics In the New Frontier?

I don't want to make this into a HuffPo hate fest but I wasn't aware of article/content scraping till they did it to you guys about a year ago. Since then I've noticed it quite a bit on HuffPo and it really frustrates me that they have such high traffic awarded to them for such a lazy area of service. I'm not saying they are a bad publication at all but I'm certain I dislike content scraping. I hope they'll stop. Just an example.

It occurs to me that this is an ethical concern that is exclusive to the digital age of journalism. It made me wonder, how many new ethical quandaries have arisen from the transition from print/broadcast to digital/streaming? I know I could just look this up for some of this stuff but I'm more interested in your (the Verge employees) experiences. Is there a set code that is exclusive to The Verge? Is this stuff constantly evolving? What are some of the ethical boundaries that seem new to the digital era that perhaps are less visible to us readers?

Most of what I know about journalism ethics comes from movies and TV and it's usually traditional ethics that are portrayed. There are some publications that might operate more traditionally and then there are sites on the other end like Wikileaks that totally throw out the rule book. Where are you guys on the spectrum? As a whole? Individually? In the past? Looking ahead? Were you there at the moment a new kind moral issue was realized?

Hope these questions aren't out of line, I'm just interested in learning about what journalistic integrity looks/feels like in this era.