A New Microsoft Unfolding Right Before Our Very Eyes?

I just began to think about all of the new things that MS is doing recently, and their plans going forward. I believe it all started with the Surface. A new venture in doing something they never have done before. It definitely began with a rocky start. But with the launch of the 2nd generation Surface and Surface Pro tablets, being thinner, lighter, and more powerful with better battery life, and the best front facing (skype) camera on any tablet to date (Surface 2) microsoft definitely has learned and has improved in their hardware manufacturing. More recently, MS seems to be venturing into making another device. A Surface branded dongle that can be plugged into the television, broadcasting media through miracast. Not to mention the Nokia mobile acquisition. Microsoft seems to be evolving from simply focusing mainly on software, to focusing on both software and hardware as well.


Looking elsewhere, MS' convergence plans between Windows, RT, and WP is definitely ambitious as well. In combination with how much effort they're putting into cloud integration, they are the only one who seems to be moving closer and closer to offering an OS that strives to be seamless regardless of device. This, in my opinion, is something everyone should be looking at. With the emergence of phablets, and laptop/tablet convertables, adding to the already present tablets, phones, and computers, device categories will soon cease to exist. What will end up holding the most weight in defining a device will be the underlying OS and its capabilities, and its interaction with the cloud. With Windows soon to be the most dynamic of of them all, MS seems to already have a head start in this.

As they further aim to solidify their place within a market where device lines are blurred, an implementation of Cortana not only adds to this, but takes it a step further in my opinion. Cortana is already coming to WP within 2 months (less than a month for devs, which is free to sign up and become ). Cortana coming to Xbox seems to be the next logical choice, as MS already has laid the ground work with voice recognition in the Xbox One with Kinect. AI on traditional PC's is something that I believe will be the toughest. If successful however, it'll be one of the most revolutionary innovative implementations to ever happen to modern computing technology. Rumors have already been surfacing that MS does indeed plan to implement Cortana within Windows. So it seems to only be a matter of time before it happens.


Have you watched Iron Man? Tony using Jarvis for all of his computing needs seems extremely far off. But with Cortana coming to Windows, it might not be too distant in the future. Imagine asking cortana to give you a synopsis of WWI (obtained using bing) as you are writing a paper in word for a class. Imagine being able to ask Cortana to "open (or snap) "WWII essay" word document", as you browse the web. These are all things that are within the realms of possibility. Just look at the Xbox One, users already can tell it to play specific game titles, or watch specific television titles, or "snap" specific apps. On PC, asking Cortana to open specific programs, or pull up certain files, or give you information about specific things, are all things that could easily be done today. Adding the personality of Cortana to this functionality will definitely be interesting to see within the desktop computing space. Not to mention the possibility of Cortana being implemented with Kinect, including the possibility of gestures and 3d interaction as well. The possibilities of such a venture is extremely exciting to me as I love thinking about the future. Regardless of how long it will take before Cortana on desktop computing to become extremely functional and do things within computing we can't even imagine right now, MS will have the jump on others in terms of experience, by being the first within this uncharted territory. That experience will definitely aid in putting them at the forefront of this field for years to come. Because as of right now, it doesn't seem as though apple or anyone else, strives in doing this.

How exactly things will unfold will be interesting to see. But one thing is extremely certain to me right now, the days of MS being passive seems to have come to an end. I think a new MS is unfolding right before our very eyes

What do you guys think? Are you intrigued of the concept of Cortana coming to desktop? Since this has not been discussed much before, what ideas or implementations would you want to see with an AI like Cortana within the desktop computing space? What implementations would you like to see of the interaction between you, cortana, and your various computing devices. Let's discuss!