Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.4" vs Windows 8"


I know i already made one thread before but that seemed to have died down.

What I mainly need the tablet for is note taking, article writing and easily be able to sync when I get back home with my Dell XPS 15 and for the occasional video watching on the go. I'd also like good battery life. I'd prefer something that is new and current generation too.

Budget: $500

My options so far:
1. Samsung Galaxy Pro 8.4
2. Dell Venue 8
3. Lenovo Thinkpad 8

I'd also like a keyboard with it and preferably one that latches on to the tablet and I can close together.

Any suggestions and tips are appreciated. I'm looking to buy this weekend. No iPad suggestions.

Also, I don't really care about a digitizer/pen and would be using the keyboard to take notes.