Do Web-only Service Benefits Apply to Windows 8 Tablets?

I am a new Hulu Plus subscriber and I installed the Hulu Plus for Windows 8 on my laptop after I installed it in my Android phone and iPad. Pretty cool app and I like the ability to pin shows to the Start Screen.

Took me a bit of time to realize that not all shows and episodes are available for mobile users. I understand you can't just browse the Hulu website using an iPad or most Android devices to get your complete fix. At least with my laptop. No problem.

But being the hybrid OS that Windows 8 is, do Windows 8 tablets get the benefit of a full Web experience too? What about the original Surface 2 running Windows RT.

Does this mean that Windows tablets have a somewhat better media consumption advantage over other tablets thanks to its desktop nature? I wonder how services that offer restricted mobile experiences will react when or if Windows 8 tablets become more popular.

Just asking out of curiosity. I have no plans to get a Windows tablet any time soon.