Will Apple design change in 2014?

Macworld put up an article discussing where they think Apple design may go in 2014. They think iOS 7 was an over correction to iOS 6 & prior and that iOS 8 will tone down some of the starkness of iOS 7. Especially with Jony Ive now having a year in that role under his belt.

I'm inclined to agree. I don't see iOS 8 as a major visual overhaul but rather refining and improving iOS 7. Also within the past year or so Apple has hired around 20 employees into the Human Interface Group. No idea if these are replacing people who left or just expanding the team. Either way it's new blood with probably new/different ideas which I think is a good thing.

And for everyone who thinks Apple's current design is hideous beyond belief, let's not forget one of the last new apps released under the Forstall regime. I don't think anyone could possibly say this is a good looking or functioning design.


via cdn.iphonehacks.com