What is the best tablet for writing by hand, reading ebook/pdf's, doing complicated math etc, of that nature

I'm looking for a tablet that can completely replace my paper notebooks does anyone have any suggestions, Replacing my Laptop would be nice but not expected.

The things it must have are

1 Writing support; transcribing would be nice but not absolutely needed.

2 PDF Support. I need top of the line PDF support, that has all features as you would find on PC based PDF program.

3 Large Screen at-least 11 or 12 inches larger would be better so that I don't have to zoom in stuff all the time which happens to me with an iPad when reading PDF documents

4 Fast Boot up or response from when its turn off or when the screen is off. Needs to take no more time than it would for me to open a paper notebook and flip to a blank page so that I could write what someone is saying.

5 Must support as many languages as possible, Non latin script languages a priority.

It must support Abjad, Abugida, & logographic writing systems think (Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Arabic, Hebrew, Inuktitut, Berber, Khmer, Hindi, Amharic, Tamil, Sanskrit)