Deion Sanders, one of the NFL’s best and most flamboyant players ever, was fond of saying that you “gotta look good to play good.” From tucking two towels into his belt on the gridiron to cutting off his sleeves during his part-time baseball career, he exemplified the ostentatious sports superstar. That voracity for aesthetic excellence is now also being felt by camera enthusiasts. It’s no longer good enough to just shoot great pictures, you’ve got to shoot great pictures in style.

The major trend in modern camera design is actually to go retro, returning to the mechanical switches, wheels, and dials that characterized the rise of amateur film photography. Fujifilm and Olympus have been the most proactive in responding to that customer demand, but Nikon hasn’t turned a deaf ear either, and it’s entering this quirky beauty contest with a real heavyweight in the form of its Df DSLR. This camera nests the large full-frame sensor of Nikon’s flagship D4 into a magnesium alloy body that’s a melange of the camera-maker’s most beloved designs from the past. If you’ve ever dreamed of a Nikon F3 with the latest digital imaging technology inside it, that’s basically what the Df gives you.