LG GPro 8.3 essentially free at Verizon. What do you think?

Just noticed that Verizon has a 99 dollar promo on the G-Pad right now. They also are giving a 100 dollar credit when you activate a new line. I checked and the G-Pad qualifies, making it essentially free besides the 10 dollars a month for the service. My iPad 2 is showing its age and I've been thinking of getting a new mini with Verizon radios so the 10 dollar monthly fee doesn't bother me. Just wondering if anyone has any thoughts on the G-Pad. I've never used it, I figure if I hate the skin Ill put CM or another ROM on it. Having never used an Android tablet besides in store, whats the app situation like these days? Is it worth the contract? I guess if I hate it I could always sell it and put the money towards the mini.