Albion Online

I just came across this mmo in the other day and now I decided to do a small review of it :)

Albion it's a sandbox mmo set on a medieval fantasy world.
Then a great feature got my attention which is the territorial and building. Now you will be able to claim a territory and build your own village or mansion!!.
These territories can be claimed like I said, or conquered, that means you can go and capture someones village and take control of it .

Albion is a fully open world mmo with night and day system, where at night demons will spawn and attack your villages.

There are tons of customization's to make your character unique and to add to that there are NO CLASSES and NO LEVELING what you choose and wear will determine what you are and how strong you are, and you can change it all the time, you can wear a heavy armor with a magic staff, you can wear what ever you want no boundaries !!.

And to add to this awesome features, this is a free2play mmo, you can buy premium currency with in-game currency !!, and you can play Albion everywhere on your pc or you can use a tablet to play it !!

Albion Online - the first true cross-platform MMO (via Albion Online)

Albion bring us features that most of us saw it before but never together we have Elder Scrolls online where what you wear it's what you are and lately with Everquest next and Landmark where you claim territories and build your own village/house where you have a great impact on the world.
And now with Albion you can have those to awesome features in one game.

Albion alpha phase will start in 24th of march so if you interested and hyped as I am I would run to their website and apply to it, who knows you can be among the lucky ones :).

Keep on :)