Ok Samsung...I'm Listening

Is it me or is Samsung out not to be Apple.... But to be better. There's some hidden agenda they have and I'm not so sure it's all about Android. They are slowly building their own heavy weight ecosystem, not only with software and hardware but accessories and services. Could you see your home being an all Samsung home? Kitchen appliances, Samsung laptops and TV's. Samsung tablets and phones, Samsung MILK and services. Gear fit, Galaxy Note. All they're missing is a car.

Heres my problem. Besides the material they use to build their defies and the way their software looks on their phone.... They could be simply amazing. However they tend to create things and never support them again. No improvements to make what they've already created better. Oh and let's not forget they make cameras. Granted these are all diffrent departments it's all still the same company. Here's my other issue. Android is not THEIR mobile OS .... it's Googles. So what are they doing?? Where are they going? We know they want to lock you into their ecosystem but it's kind of a shared ecosystem at the moment. Lastly do they have to copy everything?? I see so much potential, but it's all being excicuted in such a sloppy way.