We're reading 'Ancillary Justice' in March: reading schedule here


Hello everybody,

The polls have closed, and the Nebula-nominated Ancillary Justice by Ann Leckie is our March Book Club pick. Wondering what Ancillary Justice is? Here's our summary from the poll, drawn from this NPR review:

Justice of Toren is a living ship far beyond AI, spending millennia carrying officers and troops for the Radchaai Empire's endless planetary annexations. Those troops are ancillaries - sometimes called corpse soldiers - reanimated bodies that now share a single consciousness and act as one. Breq was once the ancillary One Esk and the ship Justice of Toren.

But now, separated in a moment of trauma, she's autonomous. It's a condition so rare no one suspects what she is. ... Though framed like '70s grindhouse - there was a setup, and someone's out to clean the slate - things unfold studiously, reminiscent of the deliberation underscoring Ursula Le Guin's The Left Hand of Darkness.

The reading schedule is a little tighter than usual this month, but there should still be plenty of time to finish. Here we are:

March 14th: Chapters 1 - 8
March 21st: Chapters 9 - 16
March 28th: Chapters 17 - 23

For anybody who read Ringworld with us last month, Laura, Katie, and I will also be podcasting next week - we've somehow ended up with two consecutive space operas, but I enjoyed the first and I'm pretty excited about the second.