iTunes and audio formats.

I used iTunes for a long time until 2010 when I decided to take the plunge and subscribe to Spotify. It was great. I wasn't really concerned about quality and applications for desktop and mobile have really improved since then.

However this weekend my father (who really does care about audio quality) wanted me to hook up his old turntable. Well it was not possible in the end because we've been missing a cable for a while which can only be custom ordered now. So I suggested for him to start using iTunes. But after playing him a few songs apparently it didn't compare.

I never understood why people were concerned about audio quality so much. It's probably because I've become so used to Spotify.

I ended up converting many of his Vinyls and CDs to FLAC

and transferred them onto our HTPC. Now I must say the quality was noticeably superior to Spotify and iTunes and my father was impressed and he feels that it's really good replacement for his LP collection.

Well I can say Im still good listening to Spotify, but I do understand those who prefer a better audio format.

Well my point of discussion is, whether audio quality is something that should be considered for the future of streaming services. Will we get iTunes radio: Uncompressed? Is it a selling point?

I think I would change my streaming service if another offered uncompressed streaming. Rkft1ga_medium