Siemens phones kind multicolor LED lights to Android phones in future?

Just please,Android OEM's, please do same case what Siemens did with their CF62 and push that feature to Android AOSP, or if even Google would add that feature!

Siemens CF62 LED lights around case

It was easy to program the lights to use different order, time, manner (dimming or on/of) and get this way a wanted pattern.



Then you could assign them to SMS, Calling, Alarm Clock, Calendar and so on.

Think about what we could do today if smartphones would have a 12 multi-color leds on edges? 4 on each side and then 2 on top and bottom.

You could make own light patterns to specific person calling (Like have a red/blue colors flashing quickly when important person is calling) or to any function what Android allows you to assign a custom ringtone.

You could keep phone easily in silence mode as you would recognize from lights what is going on. And the lights would notify now and then about new messages, missed calls, new emails etc so you would know what really is there instead a single led blinking or having specific color (multi-color led).

A single led or OLED screen updates would be nothing when compared to this as you could spot this even from pocket when in dim room when using brightest setting.