Can Chromecast connect to laptops/desktops directly?

Hey guys,

I have a chromecast and I am looking to see if I can connect it directly to a recently-bought macbook pro retina.

The retina screen is really great and I thought I'd use it to watch the movies that I bought.

Google doesn't allow streaming of HD when viewing content bought through the Play Store (due to legal issues, I heard, correct me if I'm wrong).

So then this idea popped up in my head to use the HDMI port on the macbook pro to stream HD movies directly on my laptop screen (Retina!). (Chromecast does stream content in HD when connected to my TV)

So I plugged in the chromecast in the HDMI port on the macbook but the computer doesn't seem to be recognizing it. This is my first time using a Mac OS so it may be my not knowing how to switch to an HDMI "mode".

Has anyone tried to connect chromecast directly into an HDMI port on the laptop/desktop?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks =)