Moto G or LG G2

So here's the deal. I have about just the exact amount of money to buy the G2 off-contract. But then again, i kinda wanted to save some 'cause im thinking of buying a PS Vita. But if i will do, i can only afford a Moto G 16B. So basically, the choice will either be a 32GB LG G2 or a 16GB Moto G + PS Vita.

I can live with a 720p screen, an inferior camera... So what else am i missing? I specifically wanna know the difference in performance, on day to day usage basis rather than on paper. i.e., apps that moto g can't run?

Also, how's the battery life on the Moto G? and what are the real world advantages of the LG G2 over Moto G? Is it worth it to choose over Moto G and a PS Vita?

Thank you and sorry for my bad english. :D