Just ordered a Surface Pro (refurb)! [Updated with random thoughts]

So on a whim I decided to order a Surface Pro 1st gen, 128GB from the Microsoft Store. And I did it without totally thinking it through.

Are Microsoft Store refurbs like Apple refurbs in that they look pretty much like new machines?

Other than increased battery life, what else am I missing out on by not purchasing a Pro 2?

What are some cool Metro apps you folks use?

Update: It came yesterday. Not bad for free shipping.

Looks like it's in pretty good shape. No scuffs or scratches.

It is a bit heavier than I would like. Also runs a bit hot quite easily. And I have mixed feelings on the screen. Media consumption is good but text often looks jagged. Also back light bleeds slightly.

I like that it is very computer like. Full desktop sites all around, something my wife prefers to the iPad. Touch keyboard is great, reminds me of the Windows Phone keyboard I loved so much. That stuff kind of scrolls up and I lose where I'm typing often is not so cool. I'm mostly using this as "just a tablet" so the fact that 90% of what I need is in the Modern environment is a huge plus. The built in apps like News and Sports are surprisingly pleasant.