Phones I see in the wild

Context: past 2 years, mostly at clinics and hospitals (coworkers and patients) in the Pacific Northwest.

86/100 are iPhones
10/100 are Galaxy devices
2/100 are other android devices
2/100 are dumbphones
I've seen exactly one Windows Phone, ever. She was a 60y/o patient, and a Windows fan (she was also terrified of Google or Apple having her information). I also knew a doctor who was fresh out of college who was about to get her first smartphone, and she wanted a Windows Phone, but she came to work the next day with a Galaxy S3.

If I'm talking only coworkers:

96/100 are iphones
4/100 are galaxy devices
Margin of error for the one dumb phone and one generic android phone I've seen two (elderly) coworkers have.

What do you guys see in the wild, and in what sort of context (timeframe, location)?