AirMail vs. Sparrow

So since I bought a Mac not too long ago, I decided I would go to The Verge's Christmas Day post and look for the best apps for the Mac. There were a lot of good suggestions and one of them was AirMail which was the newest e-mail client that a lot of people got to replace Sparrow (because Google bought it?) I used it and I gotta say that it is pretty clunky. I delete something and it takes a good 2-4 seconds for the e-mail to actually delete and when you try to find forums or help for it on Google, it takes you to the most vague FAQ on and there seems to be no users offering solutions to common issues. I also for some reason can not add a second account to it, and when I want to scroll down a longer e-mail with my arrow keys, no dice. I have to click the side scroll bar with my cursor. Scrolling from left to right only works after I scrolled to the bottom which means I can only read the bottom half of the e-mail. Should I just get Sparrow? Is there a better app that is not on The Verge's radar?