PaRappa the Scamma

PaRappa the Rapper voice actor Dred Foxx scammed two college students, Jacob Collins & Cameron Perry, out of a collective $100. It started about 17 months ago! These two college students were making a fan fiction flash animation and asked Dred Foxx to reprise his role as the rapping dog. While originally stating he'd do it at no charge, he later tells them he needs $50-$75 dollars to produce 10 lines. They agree to $60 and arranged the payment and gave him his deadline (Before the release of PlayStation All Stars), he says he will have it by the weeks end.

After some time with no produced vocals, the rapper convinces the starstruck fans that his agent found out about this side deal and won't let him work for under $100. They proceed to pay forward another $40. When Foxx misses his deadline they ask for a refund. Foxx responds over several months with alternating responses in the vein of "I will pay you back" & "I promise you a future project".

After getting stood up for so long, one of the college students threatens legal action and well... Dred didn't take it so well. To this day, he still hasn't paid them back.

Source: PaRappaTheScammer