What did you think of Space Dandy?

So Space Dandy just wrapped it's first season and I wanted to know what others thought about it, and by that I mean if anyone else kinda sorta disliked it. You're probably thinking then why did you watch it? But that's just how I watch t.v. even if I'm not super into a show I will watch it to the end. Also I wanted to support Toonami, and this was the same studio that worked on Soul Eater and Full Metal Alchemist, both of which I loved.

Space Dandy just felt dumb (and this is coming from someone who enjoyed Bobobo-Bo Bo-Bobo), it didn't seem to have direction, or much of a story, and the main characters really weren't all that likeable or interesting. Now I just want to say I didn't hate it, the art is really pretty and it has potential to be really good.

What I'd like to see from season two is probably expanding on the universe (I'm huge into interesting worlds and environments) and yes Space Dandy went to different planets, but they never seemed too otherworldly; they were just human like environments with different somewhat uninspired designs for extra terrestrials. Other things maybe better writing/comedy? I put a question mark because I did watch the dubbed version so it could have better dialog in Japanese and well comedy like art is super subjective. And I think they need an actual goal or something, all the episodes were rather disjointed.

So what did you think of the dandy guy......in space? What did you like/dislike about it? Any ways they could improve?