MH370... Searching on the dark side of the moon?

But honestly, this MH370 search is like searching on the dark side of the moon for the 777 airliner.

The claims are always the same... The reality also... Nothing is being found cause they seem to be looking in the wrong place.

What about the last words... "Good night Malaysian three seven zero"... these now also changed.

As to the meaning of 370... turns out to be CG in letters an abbreviation for Congo, a place way beyond the range of the 777 without a refueling. However... S7 is the aircraft registration code for the Seychelles. C2 would be Nauru in the Solomon Islands... C5 Gambia, C9 Mozambique... S2 would be Bangladesh.

Again... no real match but some places would be in range.

The ping delay and Doppler analysis seems to have proven as useless as the designers of Imarsat claimed it would be... Simply useless not giving any real indication on where the airliner is.

If the crew decided on suicide, why not crash into the Island of St Paul volcano crater... Kind of like in the animated movie "Despicable me 2"... You know... I am certain, no one has even looked there. Just send a diver.

The Solomon Islands remains an area I would look at, honestly, I do not care about the satellite data, because it could be faked and is not reliable to start with. It is like shooting VGA pictures and wishing for details...

So now what? Using a towed hydrophone? Since the search started, we can assume that at least 3 or 4 modern submarines have covered much of the area of SW of Australia... Did they find something? I am sure, if there was something, we would have been informed. No ping to be heard...

I think, we should consider that the 777 is NOT in water... thus... No passive hydrophone will hear anything, simply because there is nothing there. If we assume that the aircraft was lost/parked on land, then Indonesia, the Solomon Islands and many other placed need to be looked at again.

Like Platte Island, Denis Island, Bird Island which all have 1'000m runways. Which would be enough to ditch the 777. Agalega would be perfect, nice long island with a 1'300m concrete runway, no one really lives there, so few people that a few gangsters could take over in no time.

Agalega (Seychelles) would have been in range if the 777 would have takes a southern route, south of Diego Garcia. The fact is, we do not even really know how much fuel was aboard the aircraft. But flying a southern route, that would have been a bit less than 5'000km... most likely in range. If I was in command of Diego Garcia... I would do recon flights and send some folks to check out all the Islands in the Seychelles and into the Maldives.

Anyhow... We are not finding anything because we are not looking at the right place!