Is the iPad Mini Retina low color gamut a deal breaker ?

Hi everybody,

I'm in the market for a sub 400€ tablet, and I'm quite tempted by the iPad Mini retina. However most review on the net put the accent on how color is bad on it compared to other same-gen devices. Even cheaper one like the Kindle HD or the gorgeous nexus 7.

Because I spend a lot of time watching videos, viewing pdfs and reading comics ; screen resolution and color reproduction are very important to me.

For those who have experience with the Mini retina, how bad is it really ? Is it noticeable ? Is it a deal breaker ?

PS: I'm quite picky with my screens. I've returned 4 times my previous iPad (back in the days) in order to get one back-bleed-free and screen-dust free ; and more recently returned 4 Surface Pro 2 in order to have a defect free one.