How did you know about THE VERGE ?

This is my first post. I wanted to ask everyone about their discovery of The Verge and what turned you to a reader of this website. As for me, it all started with Nexus 4. I saw a nexus 4 in a newspaper and was instantly attracted to it. I wanted a new phone so I searched the internet for reviews of this phone. Google landed me to The Verge. I quite liked the design of their website(also their excessive high res images of the phone and use of colorful fonts in that review) and started reading all their reviews like crazy (This was also the time when the geek in me awakened). Over time, I became a loyal reader of the verge and have been daily visiting this website for the past 18 months. I never commented but did read all the articles that interested me. So, how did you find "The Verge".