Why can't Microsoft launch things worldwide?

Microsoft still lack worldwide coverage of many of their services.. It sucks.. I’d love to use all of them, but here in Malaysia, we always use tricks to use the service from our neighbour, Singapore.. There is still NO Xbox Live for any version of Xbox here in Malaysia.. Imagine that. How long is that? 12 years? Gosh.. How are Xbox fans going to use Xbox here when there is no service?

That’s why the PS is dominating here. My friends, families, all play PS. I’ve never met anyone in my life that has any version of Xbox. Why can’t they just enable all their services worldwide? I don’t see Google has a problem releasing new version of maps/search worldwide.. Heck, even apple has itunes services here. The list goes on, Groupon, Google Streetview, PSN, etc..These BIG companies can do it, why not MS? I’m sad.. :/

p/s: who knows how long will it take for Xbox One to launch here. In 3 years? While the PlayStation sold millions by that time?