Ian Miller had a unique toy box growing up. Owing to his mother’s job at a theatrical costume company, he didn't spend much time playing with toy cars or dolls, but instead props and costumes from various plays and films like The Wizard of Oz and Sinbad the Sailor. He was surrounded by fantasy from an early age. That childhood, filled with regular trips to watch plays and movies, helped forge an imagination that Miller turned into a decades-long career as an artist. His dark gothic style blends elements of the natural and the mechanical into a unique look that has led him to work on everything from games like Warhammer and Magic: The Gathering to books like the Lords of the Rings compendium A Tolkien Bestiary. He first graduated from art school in 1970, and to this day he's still working on graphic novels, private commissions, and more.

"If you are around long enough you become something of a fixture," Miller says of his longevity, "like an old building that stands out."