Ara MDK juicy bits

Hi all

So the recent article about project Ara got me really excited and I wanted to know more. I'm not a developer of any sort, but I downloaded the MDK to satisfy my curiosity. I didn't dive too deeply into technical bits of the document regarding power bus structure and data transfer protocols and the like. However some of the basic info regarding "Endo" layouts was really awesome, so I thought I'd share some of the juicy diagrams here for you all to enjoy and discuss :)

Some basics regarding Endoskeleton lingo:


A grid layout of the 3 Endo sizes. Each square is 20mm


An example layout of a med Endo, as well as a chart of possible med Endo rear rib layouts

1t8ysbz_medium Fdtkh5m_medium

Possible front rib layouts, and sizes for front modules.


And I saw some people in the comments post pictures for a module for a thermal imaging camera, look familiar?


I'm super excited about the possibilities of Ara, and I really hope it comes to be! What do you guys think of all of this? Anyone else dive any deeper into the MDK and have any insights to share?