Phone Keyboards: Next word prediction and more ...

Do people use or not use the next (not current but next) word prediction feature when using their phone keyboard?

Are you using a standard, download or custom ROM provided keyboard? What software is it?

Are you using gesture input?

I recently swapped from an Xperia Acro S to a Xperia Z1 Compact and the keyboard is taking some getting used to. I use gesture input and the Acro S gave multiple word suggestions in case the selected word from a gesture was incorrect. On the Z1 Compact it is harder to get alternate current word suggestions (3 maximum if you manually select and hold on an already entered word) because the system is instead displaying the next predicted word.

It is taking some getting used to because correcting the last word is slower and the settings options are not that clear. I don't seem to use the newer next word prediction feature much at all. It is seldom useful.

Apparently the keyboard on the Acro S was provided from Sony based on an older version of Swype. Apparently the keyboard on the Z1 Compact was provided by Sony based on Swiftkey. Feel free to correct me on those.

The Z1 also has two sets of keyboard emoticon characters you can text and the ones that my girlfriend sees on her iPhone require extra awkward button presses. I don't seem to be able to change any settings in regard to these. Any other keyboard advice welcome.