Ming Chi Kuo's 2014 Roadmap

First, see here http://www.macrumors.com/2014/04/09/apple-2014-product-roadmap/

Now the guy has some credibility, he isn't Digitimes, and Arn points to his 2013 roadmap as proof. I haven't double checked on all of those, but it looks like he got a bunch of stuff right (retina ipad mini, new design for the 5 being the 5c)

But what he's predicting for 2014 seems crazy. iWatch models with NFC and at multiple price points, up to $1,000? A 4.7" iPhone in fall and a 5.5" iPhone in Dec? With NFC? And the top of the top line model (5.5, 64gb) having a sapphire display while the rest remain gorilla glass?

Just wanted to talk about some of this stuff. Lot of un-Apple seeming decisions in this predictions.