365 project - Advice?

Hey guys,

I'm about 28 (I think) days into my 365 project and already I'm thinking of giving up.

In some ways it has been great already. I take my camera with me all the time now, and I am much more observant, always on the look out for my shot of the day. But now it's getting really taxing. On the weekends it's great, it's easy, I can spend a few hours walking around in interesting parts of my city and always get some nice pictures.

Weekdays however is so hard. I try to get a shot in on my way back from work, or sometimes at lunch, but that's about it. In the evenings I'm normally too tired to walk around with my camera, I need to cook, do stuff, go to bed etc for work the next day.

Not only that but I'm really struggling to come up with ideas. Just walking around and having my camera on me isn't enough sometimes. Today I took a terrible photo on my way home, not far from where I live, just to tick off the box.. I have posted a few bad photos now and I hate doing it.

So... does anyone have advice on how to keep a 365 project going? Inspiration? Ideas? It's been great in many respects and I don't really want to quit after a month, but right now a year seems like a very long time.


PS. Would love to see links to anyone's 365 project if you have done/are doing one!